Christine McCombe

I am a composer, teacher, writer, and creative-arts-therapist-in-training.

I have over twenty years experience as teacher of piano, composition and creative music.  After initial studies in piano performance (A.Mus.A.; B. Mus. Uni Melb.) I refocused my creative energy into music composition (Grad. Dip.Mus. VCA; MMus. RSAMD; Ph.D. Edinburgh) but piano has always been my first musical love.

My approach to teaching piano is a creative one.  As well as learning to navigate their way around a piano, to read and understand music notation and basic music theory, students will learn how to create their own music and find a new outlet for self expression.  I firmly believe that if you can make a sound on a piano, then you can make your own music.

Music allows us to be in the moment, to be in our own minds and to be aware of our own thoughts and feelings, and through creative music making, to express our thoughts and feelings in something other than words.

Also, having taken up a new instrument (cello) as an adult, I have a very real understanding of the challenges and rewards of learning something new as an adult. Your neurons will thank you for the additional work-out.

And importantly, learning a musical instrument is a commitment and a gift to yourself – the ultimate ‘me time’.

You are never too old to set another goal

or to dream a new dream

(CS Lewis)